Why Comrent

Comrent is providing solutions for mission-critical power testing infrastructure.

Why You Need ComRent

Power testing can be complex, complicated, and unpredictable. It requires more than just renting equipment to guarantee your testing gets done properly and your systems can perform optimally. We invest heavily in design, maintenance, and network planning to ensure our solutions are the most innovative, reliable, and effective available.


Regardless of the complexity or requirements of your project, we provide solutions to your challenges. When you partner with us, you will have access to an expert technician every step of the way from planning, set-up, troubleshooting, testing, and tear-down.

Expert guidance

Ultimately, as experts in power testing infrastructure, we deliver improved end-to-end economics for our customers. With our extensive equipment network, proprietary technology, and careful solution design, we avoid costly delays and work to identify potential project savings and value engineering opportunities for the customer.

Committed partnerships

We pride ourselves on creative problem-solving and delighting our customers. We jump in with both feet, leveraging our expertise and robust fleet of banks to deliver outstanding results. As close partners with our customers, we seek to develop the right solution for your specific needs and situation.

Thoughtful planning

Nothing energizes us like getting a new power testing project up and running. We are obsessive about delivery commitments with our extensive planning and process expertise to ensure everything is ready to go when you need it and works right when it hits the ground.

Your partner in power testing infrastructure

At Comrent, we take the role of advisors across your power testing and commissioning equipment needs. With us, it’s not about checking a box. Instead, we find solutions together and provide the expert insight you need to plan your power systems testing and succeed with all your mission-critical projects.  

Solutions Fueled By Technology

We’re passionate, efficient, and responsive — exactly what you need in a partner.

Powerful Management and Control Technology

We have revolutionized load testing with our remote compatible load banks. Rather them manually testing every electrical element of your substation one at a time, our remote technology enables us to control up to 250 load banks at once, running preprogramed scripts, and producing more real-life simulations, creating more efficient, precise, and safe load testing.

Precision Testing Equipment

Designed to mimic loads and electromagnetic devices in a power system, as well as all the equipment in your facility, resistive/reactive load banks allow you to test the full spectrum of equipment by connecting directly to the distribution substation without a transformer.

Substation Resources

Battery Thermal Management Provides Safety for BESS – Comrent

Battery Thermal Management Provides Safety for BESS – Comrent

Combining AI With Renewable Energy Can Offset Challenges

Combining AI With Renewable Energy Can Offset Challenges

Achieve Solar System Testing, without the Grid

Achieve Solar System Testing, without the Grid

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