Choosing a Load Bank for Microgrid Testing

Comrent is providing solutions for mission-critical power testing infrastructure.

Analysts expect the country’s installed microgrid capacity to grow 115% and reach 4.3GW over the next five years. Why such incredible growth? Microgrids offer a viable solution to modernize power delivery and help maintain a secure flow of energy to a local network of electricity users.

Microgrids function like a smaller power grid, and require comprehensive testing before becoming operational. Load bank testing ensures sufficient generation and distribution resources within your microgrid. But to conduct proper microgrid testing, you must select and deploy the right load bank and monitoring solutions for your application.

Comrent created a new eBook that discusses microgrids and load testing. This new resource discusses several important topics, including:

  • The Phenomenal Growth of Microgrids in the U.S.
  • Essential Components of a Microgrid
  • Why Load Test Microgrids
  • Load Banks for Microgrid Testing
  • What to Look for in a Load Bank Provider

The load bank provider and equipment you choose for your microgrid testing directly impacts the success of your commissioning or preventative maintenance project. Get the information you need to make the right decisions.

To arrange a complimentary consultation to review your project and propose the right load bank solution for your application, contact us today at 888-881-7118.

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