When Should You Use Load Banks to Test Your Generator?

When Should You Use Load Banks to Test Your Generator?

What’s the general rule of thumb for determining load testing frequency? How do you know if and when you need to deploy load banks to test your equipment?

Many experts recommend conducting annual load bank tests to evaluate generator performance. In most cases, this is sound advice. However, in certain situations, you may be able to test less frequently.

Some general guidelines for determining when to use load banks for generator testing include:

First, determine the monthly usage of your diesel-powered generator. Does it perform over or under 30% of its nameplate kW rating load during regular monthly operating cycles?

If your generator operates a minimum of 30 minutes at 30% or more of its nameplate kW rating each month, you may not need to deploy load banks for testing. However, before making this determination, you should seek the expertise of professionals in a load bank company. A load bank expert will evaluate your facility, systems, equipment, and requirements to develop the right testing strategy for your operation.

If your generator operates less than 30% of its nameplate kW rating for at least 30 minutes each month, you must use load banks to deliver an artificial load each year to test performance. Using the results of your annual load test, you can then take any corrective action needed.

Your goal with load bank testing is to ensure your generator will perform as required during a power outage. By using load banks, you increase the reliability of your backup power systems and create peace-of-mind for you and your staff.

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