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We are a provider of turnkey load testing services designed to help customers test, commission, and maintain their critical power generation systems. ComRent removes this risk by providing real-world load situations that have a consistent, sustainable and controllable load. Our customers benefit from our breadth of product services and controlled load testing environment without putting expensive equipment at risk.






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A load bank is a calibrated device which uses up the electric power from a power-generation source (it’s called “applying a load”). Applying a load tests the output capabilities of primary and backup power supplies to ensure they are capable of producing their rated output before they are put into actual use. In addition, a load bank can be incrementally controlled to test the operation of critical systems (such as data centers) under varying conditions in order to determine the system response to changes.


ComRent is a true load testing services partner through every step of planning, set-up, testing and de-mobilization; offering around the clock, 24/7, 365-day customer support. You can have confidence in our track record of more than 430,000 load tests with a 99.99% on-site performance and successful test rate.


As your total load testing services partner, we offer the following services to provide a faster, less expensive, safer and more reliable load testing conditions than using grid load:



  • Data Center Commissioning

    A Fortune 50 company needed support in commissioning their new data center. ComRent provided all equipment for tests that evaluated the design’s operational readiness: power paths, worst-case heat load, cooling system inertia and all redundant sub-systems. The result: Successful completion of a systems integration test and an on-schedule start up of operations for the data center without any major issues.

  • Sub-Station Testing

    A power distribution company wanted support of the commissioning of a 100MVA substation with voltage levels that exceeded the design criteria. The goal was to prove the effectiveness of the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and relaying systems. ComRent provided a turnkey solution from products to engineering and project management support. The result was a successful verification of paralleling and breaker operation. SCADA and the protection relay systems were successfully tested without using the grid.

  • Turbine Power Generator

    A Fortune 100 company wanted to perform a factory witness test on an 80MW turbine. The requirement for the test was determined to be approximately 40MW of resistive load at 11KV. ComRent provided the products with an on-time delivery of all equipment. In addition, ComRent’s team set up the equipment to exact specifications to ensure proper testing. Result: the test was successfully completed on-time and on-budget.

  • Gas Turbine Generator

    A copper mine in Arizona needed to test a new 40MW low-emission natural gas turbine generator. The goal was a fast commission of the gas turbine, thereby eliminating the long lead times and high costs associated with extending additional local utility power to the mine. ComRent provided 40MW of resistive load and set up the equipment for the test. Testing lasted eight days, including one day of rigorous testing lasting nine hours at the full load of 40MW. The result: the tests verified the natural gas turbine’s operational capacity, emissions and safety functions without impacting the mine’s ongoing mining and smelting operations.

  • Diesel Engines

    A large shipping company needed to test new diesel engines to determine the most efficient combination of machines to suit their needs. The load requires in-port averages of 6W but at sea the output requirements are 50MW. ComRent provided appropriate load banks, set up the equipment and used remotes to start and control the test. The test was successful and provided two benefits: It demonstrated the ability of the engines to produce power to specifications and also revealed an under-designed cooling system. The problem was corrected and the engines and ship were commissioned successfully.


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