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Using Load Bank Solutions to Optimize Building Commissioning

Using Load Bank Solutions to Optimize Building Commissioning

To learn why you should choose reactive load bank testing solutions, request the ComRent eBook today!

Using Load Bank Solutions to Optimize Building Commissioning – Download Your Copy Today!

Are you sure your new facility will perform as required? How will you verify the electrical and thermal systems in your building will operate per specifications? When you commission a facility, do you develop a plan for load testing?

To confirm a facility meets the design intent and owner’s requirements, you need a detailed load bank testing plan. A successful load test will uncover quality problems with critical systems such as generators, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), power distribution equipment and cooling systems.

ComRent’s newest eBook will discuss the commissioning process and how it is used to validate that the installation and operation of new equipment is performing as required before it supports a critical load.Specific topics include:

  • Why Test with Load Banks?
  • Overview of Data Center Commissioning Practices
  • Developing a Structured Commissioning Plan
    • When Should You Develop a Plan for Load Testing?
    • Who Should Participate on the Commissioning Team?
    • What Are the Objectives of Facility Commissioning Plan?
    • Which Systems Should You Load Test during Building Commissioning?
    • Which Load Bank Solution Is Best for Your Commissioning Project?
    • What Happens If You Don’t Develop a Proactive Commissioning Plan?
  • Should You Buy or Rent Load Banks for Commissioning?

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To learn why you should use load banks during a new facility’s commissioning, request the ComRent eBook today!

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