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The Value of Renting with ComRent vs. Buying

Buying equipment can be a hassle. Renting can free your capital and your concentration for other projects.  At ComRent, you can rent equipment and let us take care of the … Continue reading “The Value of Renting with ComRent vs. Buying”

The Value of Load Bank Testing vs. Using Grid Load

Load bank testing the interconnection of a distributed resource for all customers and industries is often more effective than using load straight from the grid. Commissioning can be made faster, … Continue reading “The Value of Load Bank Testing vs. Using Grid Load”

Why Load Bank Testing in the U.S. Electricity Flow

Testing with ComRent load banks at each phase of the flow of electricity ensures that your mission critical systems stay up and running – saving your valuable time and resources. … Continue reading “Why Load Bank Testing in the U.S. Electricity Flow”

Making Sure it’s All Systems Go

The U.S. continues to make strides in space exploration. In fact, NASA’s Orion spacecraft, launched in December 2014, was designed to take humans farther than they’ve ever been before. As … Continue reading “Making Sure it’s All Systems Go”

Load Bank Testing Matters

Did you know…that the USA is the world’s largest producer of nuclear power, accounting for more than 30% of worldwide nuclear generation of electricity? With over 100 units operable in … Continue reading “Load Bank Testing Matters”

Why test with load banks?

When it comes to load banks, either you don’t know what they are and have never heard of them, or you know what they are but don’t know why they … Continue reading “Why test with load banks?”

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