Swift and Successful Load Bank Testing Enables On-Time and On-Budget Light Rail System

The Challenge

Urgent Substation Protection for Light Rail System

Not all tests are planned. During construction of a light rail system from the remote airport to the major metropolitan area of Denver, CO, it was determined that surge protection needed to be confirmed. The combined urgency finding an electrical testing solution and the relatively uncommon load bank application created a challenge. Winter weather conditions further complicated the project. Also, there were multiple companies involved in the project including the rail operator, developer, and electric utilities, including Denver Transit Partners, DTC/RTD and Xcel Energy Utility Holding Co. The client required a custom load bank testing solution to test the 27.5KV single phase electrical system.

The Solution

Custom High-Voltage Power and Load Bank Package

The parties hired ComRent the world leader in load bank solutions. ComRent quickly configured an electrical testing solution for 27kV single phase using weather-resistant, high voltage equipment. Due to the time-sensitive nature of the project, it was essential to enable the developer to safely operate the resistive, single phase load bank equipment in any weather to stay on schedule.

The Impact

Swift and Successful Load Bank Testing Enables On-Time and On-Budget Light Rail System

ComRent delivered the specially designed load bank testing package on time and enabled a successful test of the light rail system. Even though this project required an uncommon electrical testing solution, the team delivered while utilizing environmental protective measures to safely perform around a high voltage substation environment. The world-class ComRent onsite customer support team engaged with the multiple partners in a strategic, quick and productive way to find and execute the successful solution. The extended project team produced the required load bank testing solution and kept the light rail project on schedule and within budget.

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