Successful Commissioning Enabled Microgrid Expansion with No Service Disruption

The Challenge

Microgrid Expansion with Zero Disruption in Service

A major utility company needed to increase the capacity of a microgrid supporting more than 3,000 residential customers located at the end of a transmission line in an area that commonly has severe weather conditions. They needed to add two 1.8MW diesel generators and battery storage without disrupting service to their customers. The utility-owned microgrid is also connected to distributed energy sources owned by customers making it even more important that there be no disruption. This project required an experienced electrical testing solutions team and best-of-breed equipment to facilitate the appropriate test, with an accurate load.

The Solution

Resistive/Reactive Load Bank Package

With the customer’s mandate for no service disruption, the team engaged ComRent’s electrical testing solutions specialists to carefully plan the project. Based on ComRent’s recommendation, the final decision was made to design the solution using a resistive/reactive load bank that could mimic motor loads, electromagnetic devices, and complex protective relay functions within a power system.

ComRent’s technicians coordinated the site logistics, setup specialty cables, installed a 200 KVA generator to power the load bank controls and executed the test in a safe, clean environment.

The Impact

Successful Commissioning Enabled Microgrid Expansion with No Service Disruption

ComRent delivered an electrical testing solution that isolated and successfully commissioned the microgrid. By using a resistive/reactive load bank, ComRent easily confirmed the paralleling switchgear performance and device settings, providing a meaningful and timely test for the utility customer. Importantly, all load bank testing was completed without any disruption to the distributed energy sources.

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