Wind Farms

Energizing wind farms

Why You Need ComRent

We make testing your wind farm a reality when grid power isn’t an option. If the transmission interconnection is not available when you are ready for wind farm commissioning, you run the risk of missing critical deadlines and critical tax credits. Our power testing solutions give you the option to energize your system by emulating the grid to demonstrate proper performance levels, identify potential problems, and get your project up and running. . . even without the grid.

Wind Farms

Connecting Your Wind Farm

Advanced Scheduling To Meet Your Deadlines

Our power-testing and load bank experts customize a plan that includes all technology and technical requirements for your wind turbine testing project. We allow you to plan proactively to ensure you never miss a deadline. Our extensive inventory of wind-specific solutions are available to help you avoid penalties and last-minute testing delays.

Confidence And Support To Succeed

Creating an accurate grid simulation at a remote location poses numerous challenges. Our team of experts is fully versed in the technical requirements and has access to the equipment needed to ensure your facility can be fully tested. Our technicians manage your entire load test from setup to tear down.

Superior Economics

When using a generator during wind farm commissioning, fuel usage can add up quickly. Our technicians are specially trained to utilize the most efficient settings and manage fuel usage effectively. They communicate closely with your onsite team to ensure the process is as safe and cost-effective as possible.

Integrated Project Management and Expert Guidance

We provide onsite technical support for the setup, operation, and teardown of the entire grid emulation system. Our experienced team uses your unique testing specifications and timeline to build a customized facility testing plan while coordinating with your construction manager and commissioning teams. By removing as many burdens as possible, our site team allows you to focus on the things that matter most for the success of the project.

Meeting Your Critical Deadlines

Load banks offer the flexibility to meet your tax incentive deadlines and the opportunity to verify the equipment and system function of your wind farm.

Solutions Fueled By Technology

We pair our deep expertise in load bank application with our top-of-the-line equipment to develop cutting-edge load testing solutions designed to produce efficient and safe testing on your wind farm.

Powerful Management and Control Technology

Increase the efficiency, precision, and safety of your load test with our advanced remote technology. Simulate real-world scenarios with the quickest response time, and run pre-programmed scripts to get the most accurate results.

Top-Tier Equipment

ComRent maintains a fleet of the most advanced resistive/reactive load banks, transformers, generators, and system protection equipment. We tailor the grid emulation system based on the needs of each site including different connection types, system protection settings, and facility layout.

Substation Resources

Custom Solutions for Your Wind Farm

Every wind farm is unique, which means the load bank solutions should be too. With experience supporting every major WTG brand in the industry, ComRent has the technology and expertise to deliver a system solution to meet your needs.

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