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When building a substation, the network or facility is often not ready to take power. This can cause significant delays and mask costly problems until the facility is fully energized. Power and load testing allows you to uncover potential issues with your substation equipment and improve system reliability to ensure your customers and facility have consistent power.

Utility Substations

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Avoid Service Interruptions and Improve Performance

Grid fluctuations are common, making it nearly impossible to control critical power parameters such as voltage, current, and load. Load banks offer repeatable measurement parameters for faster and more accurate testing, resulting in less labor and lower costs. Our proprietary load banks are designed explicitly for substation commissioning and provide a constant, sustainable, and controllable load to help you determine what works, identify issues, and fix problems before bringing the facility online.

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Precision Testing

Testing with a grid connection requires prior approval and scheduling from the electric utility. We deploy extensive inventory rapidly so you can conduct your test on your own schedule. Using our resistive/reactive load bank solutions, you can accurately test substation equipment functionality, including the delivery, protection mechanisms, monitoring devices, metering, and PLC/HMI programming.

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Expert Guidance And Thoughtful Planning

From incorrect programming to quality errors, many elements can affect the reliability of your substation. As your industry expert and consultant, we evaluate your project’s unique testing specifications and timeline, then build a customized testing plan for your facility. Our technicians manage your entire load test from setup to teardown for the best testing conditions and results.

Key Considerations for Utility Substation Testing

Whether for commissioning or long-term maintenance, load testing your electrical substation components can reduce overall operating and capital expenditures, improve system reliability, and minimize liability.

Solutions Fueled By Technology

We pair our deep expertise in load bank application with our top-of-the-line equipment to develop cutting-edge load testing solutions that streamline your utility substation’s load testing process.

Powerful Management and Control Technology

Increase the efficiency, precision, and safety of your load test with our advanced remote technology. Simulate real-world scenarios with the quickest response time and run pre-programmed scripts to get the most accurate results.

Top-Tier Equipment

Designed to mimic loads and electromagnetic devices in a power system and all the equipment in your facility, resistive/reactive load banks allow you to test the full spectrum of equipment by connecting directly to the distribution substation without a transformer.

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Custom Solutions for Your Utility Substation

Every power site is unique, which means the load bank solutions should be too. Our load bank and commissioning experts will design a custom package to solve all your load testing needs.

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