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Why You Need ComRent

Regulatory compliance is a top priority, and as new technologies revolutionize the oil, gas, and nuclear industries, the need for consistent and reliable power will only continue to grow. Whether you are focused on drilling, transporting, refining, or ensuring emergency backup power, load banks are the key to ensuring that you can provide an efficient power system. Our load testing solutions streamline the process of power plant commissioning, remove your reliance on the grid, and thoroughly test your primary and backup power generation systems so you can remain ahead of the pack.

Oil, Nuclear, & Gas

Optimize Your Oil, Gas & Nuclear Facility

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Leverage New Technologies

When you partner with us, you will have access to an experienced technician and the latest technology every step of the way. Our load bank experts will manage your entire generator load test for accurate results—from initial planning and setup to troubleshooting, testing, and teardown. By combining load bank testing with access to the best tech, you’ll have more efficient drilling and refining and have complete confidence in your generators, protection systems, control systems, alarms, emergency systems, and distribution systems.

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Prevent Unscheduled Outages

Load bank testing allows you to emulate an outage to see how your generators would perform when you need them the most. That way, you’re prepared—or can pre-emptively mitigate risk—for an unscheduled outage.

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Precision Testing

From emissions control to wet stacking-generator power degradation to high temp exhaust on cogens, we have load bank solutions and equipment for your every need. As your industry expert and consultant, we evaluate your project’s unique testing specifications and timeline, then build a customized generator testing plan for your facility. Our rapid availability and guaranteed reliability give you peace of mind to complete your project on time and on budget.

Generator Load Testing for Mission-Critical Systems

Outages can harm your bottom line and reputation. If your oil, gas, or nuclear site relies on megawatt-plus generators to maintain the electrical system in the event of an outage, then load bank testing is for you.

Our latest white paper offers a comprehensive explanation of the value load bank testing provides for mission-critical systems.

Solutions Fueled By Technology

We pair our deep expertise in load bank application with our top-of-the-line equipment designed with site load correction in mind to optimize the power supply at every site.

Powerful Management and Control Technology

Increase the efficiency, precision, and safety of your load test with our advanced remote technology. Simulate real-world scenarios with the quickest response time and run pre-programmed scripts to get the most accurate results.

Top-Tier Equipment

Designed to mimic loads and electromagnetic devices in a power system, as well as all the equipment in your facility, resistive/reactive load banks allow you to test the full spectrum of equipment on your oil, gas, or nuclear site with a single device.

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Custom Solutions for Your Oil, Gas & Nuclear Facility

Every power site is unique, which means the load bank solutions should be too. Our load bank and commissioning experts will design a custom package to solve all your load testing needs.

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