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Why You Need ComRent

Microgrids are an increasingly popular solution to modern power delivery. Customers need reliable power, even when a utility experiences an outage, and they want to leverage renewable energy and energy storage technology to supplement their power supplies during peak times. Microgrids can support these goals, but their complex systems need precise control and management to deliver the flexibility and stability customers want. Power and load bank testing during commissioning and preventative maintenance ensure power flow is optimized to and from the microgrid system, minimizing the risk of downtime and equipment failure.


Optimize Your Microgrid

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Confidence And Support To Succeed

IEEE 1547-2018 will impact your microgrid commissioning procedure. Our team of experts is fully versed in IEEE compliance and has access to the equipment needed to ensure your facility passes all the requirements. In addition, our technicians manage your entire load test from setup to tear down.

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Minimize Risk

Our load bank solutions are designed to test, commission, and maintain your microgrid to uncover potential problems. By creating real-world load scenarios and emulating the unique microgrid environment, we provide a consistent, sustainable, and controllable load without the fluctuations common with grid power testing. This means less risk on your end and better results from your microgrid.

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Precision Testing

Performance starts with having the right equipment for the job. Our extensive inventory of microgrid-specific load testing equipment gives you access to the equipment you need when you need it, resulting in faster testing, accelerated timelines, and enhanced confidence. Our equipment is optimally maintained and delivered ready to use, then paired with application engineering and onsite management, ensuring the best testing conditions possible.

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Tailored Solutions to Every Challenge

We have load bank solutions for your every need—from resistive/reactive load bank testing to simulating imbalanced loads and fault performance. As your industry expert and consultant, we have experience in all microgrid components, including generation, storage, controls, and distribution. By taking the time to understand your unique system, our team develops a custom plan for your microgrid.

Choosing a Load Bank for Microgrid Testing

Load bank testing your microgrid can ensure sufficient generation and distribution resources. Knowing what to look for helps you select and deploy the right load bank and monitoring solutions for your specific microgrid testing.

Solutions Fueled By Technology

We pair our deep expertise in load bank application with our top-of-the-line equipment to develop cutting-edge load testing solutions designed to optimize efficient and safe testing of your microgrid.

Powerful Management and Control Technology

Increase the efficiency, precision, and safety of your load test with our advanced remote technology. Simulate real-world scenarios with the quickest response time and run pre-programmed scripts to get the most accurate results.

Top-Tier Grid Emulation

By load bank testing microgrid components, you can ensure the voltage, frequency, and current parameters at critical nodes fall within safe limits. When they do, you confirm your microgrid remains stable while transitioning from the EPS to local operations. Plus, our system testing protocol will help you meet the microgrid-specific IEEE standards.

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Custom Solutions for Your Microgrid

Every microgrid is unique, which means the load bank solutions should be too. Our load bank and commissioning experts will design a custom package to solve all your load testing needs.

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