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Resistive vs Reactive

Reasons to Choose Reactive Load Bank Testing Solutions

Resistive Load Banks vs Reactive Load Banks

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Resistive vs Reactive – Reasons to Choose Reactive Load Bank Testing Solutions – Download Your Copy Today!

If you’re only performing load testing on a component-by-component basis, you may not be aware of serious system weaknesses. In addition to testing the individual components, you need to ensure your entire system functions as required. Complete system testing is the only way to know whether the individual components in the system will work together harmoniously.

And, if you’re using resistive-only load testing solutions, you’re failing to simulate real-world conditions. Given a resistive load is a small part of the total power consumption, resistive-only load testing will not accurately convey how well your operation will function in an emergency power scenario.

ComRent’s latest eBook will discuss the importance of using load bank testing for a facility’s entire emergency power generation system. It will provide an overview of load bank testing, explain the different types of load banks and outline the most beneficial load bank solutions for most applications. Specific topics include:

  • Load Bank Primer
    • What is a Load Bank?
    • Why Conduct a Load Bank Test?
    • Why is an On-Site Load Test Necessary?
    • What Happens During a Load Bank Test?
    • What Industries and Applications Use Load Bank Testing?
  • Types of Load Bank Testing Solutions
    • Resistive Load Banks
    • Reactive Load Banks
      • Reactive/Inductive
      • Reactive/Capacitive
    • Resistive/Reactive Load Banks
  • The Drawbacks of Resistive-Only Load Testing
  • Making the Case for Reactive Load Bank Solutions

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