ComRent provides all the electrical testing equipment necessary to ensure that you can test your critical primary and backup power systems thoroughly, safely, and within specifications. From load banks to transformers and switchgear to quality monitoring and corona detection devices, we have all the tools you need to ensure optimal performance of critical power systems.

Resistive Load Banks

Resistive load banks test the generator capacity and are most commonly used to test electrical circuits for power quality and capacity. ComRent has resistive load banks from 1kW to 5MW, for large and small applications at voltage ratings of 120V up to 13.8kV.


ProductLoad CapacityVoltage Current (AC/DC) Spec Sheet
K490 10kW 120/240 AC
K595 55.5kW 208-240/480 AC
CRLS Rackmount 11.5kW 120/208/230/240 AC
L69-80 100kW 208-240/480 AC
LPH100 100kW 208-240/480, 600 AC
LPC100 100kW 240/480 or 300/600 AC
LPH150S 150kW 208/240/280 AC
LPH200 200kW 240/480 AC
CR150 Spirit 250 kW 480 AC
LPH400 400kW 240/480, 600 AC
LPV700 700kW 240/480 or 300/600 AC
MS110 1000kW 480/600 AC
K575 / K580 1250kW 480 or 600 AC
K975A 2500kW 600 AC
LT4000 4000kW 480 AC
K557 5000kW 480 AC
CR922A/B 5000kW 4160/13800 AC


ProductLoad CapacityVoltage Current (AC/DC) Spec Sheet
LBW500 Water-Cooled 500kW 480 AC

Resistive / Reactive Load Banks

Resistive / Reactive loads are able mimic motor loads and electromagnetic devices within a power system as well as purely resistive loads by offering the ability to set a specific power factor (pf). Many backup generators and turbines are rated at 0.7, 0.8 or 0.85 power factor and need to be commissioned at nameplate capacity using a combination of resistive and reactive load to fully qualify their operating capability. Using a resistive / reactive load bank enables comprehensive testing from a single unit. ComRent has an extensive range of resistive / reactive load banks to simulate these types of loads on a power source and the transformers, relays, and switches which will distribute the power throughout your facility.


ProductLoad CapacityVoltage Current (AC/DC) Spec Sheet
CR1.875 1500kW, 1125 kVAR 380-480 AC
CR3.3MVA 2640 kW, 1980 kVAR 380-480 or 600 AC
CR6.0 4800 kW, 3600 kVAR 380-480 AC
CR6.25 5000 kW, 3750 kVAR 380-480 or 600 AC

Inductive & Capacitive Load Banks

Inductive or Capacitive load banks are reactive only and must be used in combination with a resistive load bank to provide the desired load profile to test a power system. Reactive loads banks can provide either a leading power factor (Capacitive) or lagging power factor (Inductive).


ProductLoad CapacityVoltage Current (AC/DC) Spec Sheet
K841 300kVAR 240/480 AC
R300 300kVAR 240/480 AC
K841B 750, 1125 kVAR 240/480 & 480 AC
CR3750 3750 kVAR 2400-14400 AC


ProductLoad CapacityVoltage Current (AC/DC) Spec Sheet
CR500 500 kVARC 480V/5kV AC

DC & Electronic Load Banks

Electronic Load banks simulate solid state systems and are ideal for testing precision power and current with constant power. DC load banks are valuable for testing inverter/rectifiers in AC-DC conversion systems like those used in solar farms or DC power circuits. They are also used for testing battery backups and control systems.


ProductTotal AmpsVoltage Current Spec Sheet
K492 150 Amp 26/52 DC
T242 220 Amp 24/48 DC
L42 500 Amp 24/36/48 DC
L121 250 Amp 60/120 DC
K974A 2300 kW 375/750 DC
CR600 600 kW 300/600 DC
CR1000 600 kW 500/1000 DC


ProductTotal AmpsVoltage Current Spec Sheet
WCL 488 1000 Amp 1200W 0-400V DC
TORKEL 860 110 Amp 12 - 480V DC

Medium Voltage Load Banks

The ability to test critical power systems at voltages of 4160V to 15kV using direct-connect, medium voltage load banks offers engineers flexibility, time savings, and simplicity. ComRent International is the only provider of temporary, medium voltage load banks to commission utility, oil & gas, and industrial power systems without the need for additional transformers and cabling. ComRent’s inventory of resistive and reactive load banks supports substation, power generation, and industrial facility testing with precise, on demand, controlled load to ensure critical components and settings are validated before going into service.

ComRent International can also provide medium and high voltage transformers to support system tests as high as 230kV for critical Transmission and Distribution systems.


ProductLoad CapacityVoltage Current Spec Sheet
CR922 5MW 4160/13800 AC
CR922-I 5MW 3300/6600 & 11500 AC


ProductLoad CapacityVoltage Current Spec Sheet
CR3750 3750 kVAR 4160-14400 AC

Transformers & Power Distribution Products

ComRent International can provide the additional power distribution components necessary to conduct sophisticated power systems testing scenarios which are not possible under normal system loads. Integrated systems testing- Simplified.


ModelVoltageType Spec Sheet
750 kVA 13.8 kV x 480 AC
2500/3500 kVA 2.4, 4.16/13.8kV x 480/600 AC
2500 kVA 2.4, 4.16/13.8 kV x 480 AC
5500/6500 kVA 480 x 600 x 690 AC
500 kVA 600 x 480 AC
5000/7000 kVA 2.4, 4.16/13.8 kV x 480 AC


ModelVoltageType Spec Sheet
I-Line Panel 600V 1200 Amp AC

Electrical Testing & Power Monitoring Equipment

ComRent International offers additional electrical testing equipment to ensure you have all the tools necessary to ensure optimal performance of critical power systems.

Other Power Testing Equipment



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