Xcel Proposes Two Solar-storage Projects in Denver

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Xcel Energy is taking on a new task to test battery storage for solar power in the Denver area. They have recently proposed a plan of adding two new storage projects.

The first storage component will be targeting the Panasonic Enterprise Solutions facility, while the other will be developed for a residential neighborhood. The projects will cost more than $14 million all together, but the Denver Business Journal has reported Xcel will not be financing the whole project. Other parties have agreed to pick up about $3.6 million on the Panasonic project. The projects plan to come online from 2016 to 2018.

Xcel has major goals for these demonstration projects. At the Panasonic, the utility wants to install a 1.3 MW solar array alongside a 2 MWh battery system. As for the Stapleton neighborhood residential program, the utility plans include proposing up to six battery systems and a potential partnership with a local solar installer.

David Eves, president of Xcel subsidiary, Public Service Company, in Colorado, stated the overall goal for Xcel is to use these projects as a foundation for how to efficiently manage renewable energy and to continue to provide their customers with insight into the energy choices they want and value.

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