Will the U.S. Wind Market Falter?

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The wind power market is doing well in the United States now, but many reports show that if offshore wind developers don’t jump at the opportunity for expansion, new resources will overtake the market. The U.S. is currently behind Europe in terms of offshore wind capacity and needs to catch up.

Some fear that if the U.S doesn’t take this growth opportunity, it will continue to lag behind. The offshore wind market, for the U.S., could become comparable to the nuclear industry. In the nuclear industry, the U.S. did not expand, thus ending the game for them.

The U.S. Deepwater Wind's 30 MW Block Island Wind Farm is on track to be the first wind farm of its kind. It will lead the way for two similar projects that are in the planning stages to be built off the Atlantic Coast. Hopefully, these will be the first of many projects and will begin the new era of offshore wind power development. 


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