Why test with load banks?

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When it comes to load banks, either you don't know what they are and have never heard of them, or you know what they are but don't know why they would be valuable for your business. When it comes to your business, the simple answer is that load banks, or a device that safely creates a sustainable electrical load, provide a provide a faster, better, safer, and ultimately cheaper solution than if you were to test your system on the grid.

The load is then applied to a power source to validate system design performance and capacity under any operating condition.

Load bank testing is how you determine the operating status of your primary power systems and is also how you exercise backup systems to ensure they will be available when called upon. Load testing at start-up and during commissioning and maintenance will detect problematic conditions before they escalate and cause downtime.

They also:

  • Let you test real-world situations.

Testing with load banks provides you with constant, sustainable and controllable load. The constant load of a load bank enables faster data collection for validation of design specifications, shortens lead-time to commissioning, and ultimately requires less labor for lower costs.

  • With load banks, you can minimize risk of outages during the commissioning phase.

Real-world conditions while connected to the grid can result in real-world outages if equipment fails. And failure means you're not producing or selling power - with a potential loss of a million dollars or more per day. Commissioning with load banks instead of the grid minimizes this risk, accelerates the process, and delivers more accurate results.

  • Load bank testing will save you time in substation commissioning.

Your load bank partner needs the expertise, knowledge, and proprietary testing equipment necessary to commission substation components for the modern smart grid - safely, quickly, and with limited risk.

  • Load banks eliminate the need for grid load.

With the right load bank equipment, you will no longer need to use grid load to test transformers, switches, substations, or any equipment that is critical to power generation. And that means greatly reducing the risk of outages caused by failed load tests.

Learn more about the types of load banks we offer, or to get in touch with a knowledgeable representative that can help further.

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