Load Testing Solutions for Utilities -- Why It’s Not a Good Idea to Use the Grid

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How does your substation, solar farm or wind farm conduct load testing? What load bank testing solutions do you use? Do you rely on using load straight from the grid? If so, you're not alone. Grid load testing has been the traditional mindset among many power generation companies.S

o, why should you change the way you’ve been load testing if you’ve been doing it the same way for years? Load bank testing solutions offer many advantages over traditional grid load. Here are just a few of the reasons you should replace grid load with load banks for your substation commissioning:

  • Scheduling – When you connect to the power grid, you’ll likely endure a longer lead time. It usually takes longer to execute your test once you’re connected. A lengthier schedule means your staff will spend more time completing the load testing project. With load bank testing solutions, you can test when you want, and you don't have to wait. You aren’t relying on a third-party to schedule your connection to the grid. With shorter lead time and execution, your staff spends fewer hours on testing.
  • Control – When you use the grid for load testing, you give up some control. You just can’t hook up to the grid to conduct your test. You need approval from the electric utility before testing. Using load banks solutions puts the control back in your court. With these load bank testing solutions, you decide how and when you’ll conduct your test.
  • Precision – Using grid load can affect the accuracy of your test. Because it fluctuates, load delivered through the power grid can be inadequate. Testing with load banks provides a sustainable and controllable load. They produce a more realistic environment that mimics real load scenarios. Because you are replicating the actual operational environment, you can simulate reactive power and test situations more precisely.With more accurate loads, load banks collect data faster to validate design specifications. Load bank testing can also shorten the time it takes to complete your substation commissioning. When you streamline load testing, you can reduce labor requirements and the associated costs.

When it’s time to commission your power generation facility, you may not think of using load banks, but you should. If you use load banks, you can eliminate your reliance on the grid and all the drawbacks that entail. With load bank testing, you can always have the right equipment to perform the required tests for transformers, switches, substations or other critical power generation equipment.

Comrent’s team of load bank experts is ready to help ensure your load testing goes off without a hitch. We are offering a complimentary consultation to review your project and propose the right load bank solution for your requirements. To learn more about using load banks for testing and commissioning mission critical power systems, download our new eBook “7 Reasons to Consider Load Bank Testing,” or Contact us today.

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