What to Look for in Utility Power Station Commissioning Equipment

Comrent is providing solutions for mission-critical power testing infrastructure.

During power plant commissioning, you need fast, economical, and predictable load to simulate load expected in operation of the system. Rather than using the line load as a reference for testing, you should consider using predictable, controllable load banks to commission substations.

Grid power can be unpredictable during power plant commissioning. Power surges or other issues can lead to outages and failed tests.  Load and power factor conditions are not controllable using grid power.  You also run the risk of customer equipment damage or loss of service in exposing the customer loads to a test.

With the right load bank provider, you can eliminate the need to use the grid for testing transformers, switches, substations, or any equipment that is critical to power generation. Relying on load banks to conduct your power plant commissioning can improve testing speed and accuracy. More efficient testing can lower risks, use your technical resources more efficiently and produce cost savings.

To select the right load bank solution, a provider should offer:

  • An extensive inventory of load banks – You need to access solutions that can support almost any test, regardless of size or complexity. You have the option of selecting both low and medium voltage load banks for testing and commissioning substation transformers, generators, and batteries. Whatever your application, your provider should create an optimal testing environment.
  • Load banks specifically for power plant commissioning –Your equipment should be custom engineered to simulate loads expected by equipment such as transformers, black start generators, wind turbines, solar arrays, transfer switches and switchgear, and other critical equipment.
  • Technical expertise and consulting services –Your load bank provider should visit your site, evaluate the testing locations, plan equipment placement (including access, ingress, and egress), provide end-to-end logistics coordination, and offer roll-up and roll-out services. Also, your provider must focus on safety throughout the entire testing process.
  • Ability to Customize – You want a load bank provider with an in-house engineering staff eager to solve challenges. By modifying equipment, you can get the perfect solution for your power station commissioning project. Bringing your load bank provider into the project from the start can help keep commissioning on time and within budget.

Comrent’s load banks for power plant commissioning can provide real value to your project. We help you test with real-world controllable loads, minimize outage risk, and save testing time.

Comrent’s team of load bank experts is ready to help ensure your system is successfully interconnected. We are offering a complimentary consultation to review your project and propose the right load bank solution for your requirements. Contact us today.

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