What to Look for in Resistive Load Bank Rentals

Comrent is providing solutions for mission-critical power testing infrastructure.

When you need resistive load bank rentals to test and commission your critical power systems, you want to partner with a proven provider that offers the most advanced solutions. The right load bank rental provider can help you plan your project from beginning to end, optimizing your schedule and budget.For successful load bank testing, you should consider these solution capabilities:

  • Extensive Inventory –When your provider offers a large rental inventory of load banks, cables, and testing accessories, you get all your project’s needs met in one place. You are likely to save time and money having access to an extensive inventory of reactive, capacitive, and resistive load banks that can test any system from 1kW to 60MW at low or medium voltage, AC or DC.
  • Turnkey Solutions – A comprehensive load bank rental solution can help you test, commission, and maintain your critical power generation systems. By providing real-world load situations with consistent, sustainable and controllable loads, you can reduce any risk to your expensive equipment.

A turnkey solution that offers these services can simplify your load testing projects:

  • Project Management includes site survey, cable layout plan, freight coordination, delivery, and installation.
  • Cable Rollout/Rollup saves time and minimizes errors during project set-up and tear-down while providing a safer work environment.
  • Onsite Training helps introduce you to load banks, provides a safety overview, and communicates how they will operate.
  • Power Quality Reporting capability allows you to monitor your operation efficiently.
  • Around-the-Clock Support – Load bank rentals devices offers only part of the solution. Service and support add a valuable component. The best load bank provider can help you during every step of the testing process. Load bank rentals should include project planning and system design, set-up, roll-out/roll-up and 24/7 support.
  • Industry Experience –To provide the greatest opportunities for successful load bank testing, providers need extensive experience in your industry. The best providers will have a broad background serving multiple industries, including:
  • Data Centers – Facilities designed and built for high reliability must pay careful attention to electrical, cooling, and redundant power infrastructure. Regular load bank testing can keep your data center’s backup power operating as it should.
  • Utility Substations Using resistive and reactive load bank solutions, you can accurately test substation functionality including the delivery, protection mechanisms, monitoring devices, metering, and PLC/HMI programming.
  • Renewable Energy – The right load banks and technical expertise can help you test your wind farm and solar energy operation without wind or sunshine.
  • Oil, Gas, and Nuclear – To help you achieve regulatory compliance, a load bank testing solution can thoroughly test your power generation and distribution systems. The right solution can also test your protection, control, emergency, and redundancy systems.
  • Mining – For mining applications, you may need standby generators. This will verify the generator’s operational capacity, emissions and safety functions without impacting the mine’s ongoing mining and smelting operations.
  • Maritime – Test the generators and diesel/gas turbines on all classes of commercial maritime vessels so you can commission and maintain primary and backup power systems quickly and completely as well as ensuring you meet emission standards before setting sail. Routinely testing the main and emergency generators assists in avoiding a possible “blackout condition”.
  • Healthcare and Hospitals – With the right reactive and resistive load bank rentals, you can ensure your medical facility's generators perform to specifications. The dependable operation of your backup power systems reduces risks to patients and critical equipment.
  • Government and Military – Load banks are used for commissioning and maintenance testing of campus power networks at government and military facilities as well as diesel and gas turbine generators for applications in Navy and Coast Guard vessels..
  • Focus on Safety – Safety should be a core focus for any load bank provider. From quotation request to demobilization, your provider should demonstrate safety measures throughout the entire project. Some ways to evaluate a provider’s attention to safety include:
  • Inspection and maintenance procedures for load banks and electrical testing equipment
  • A Detailed Safety Management SystemAdherence to industry standards and government regulations
  • Ongoing safety training for technical experts
  • Customized Solutions –When it comes to testing your critical backup systems, you need more than reactive and resistive load bank rentals. You need a provider that will understand your project, offer experience in your industry, and deliver answers to the challenges you face. If a standard load bank doesn't overcome these obstacles, your provider should customize a solution that will.

Comrent’s extensive load bank rental inventory, flexible service, and industry experience offer a complete solution for your power system testing projects. Our experts help ensure your system is successfully interconnected. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation to review your requirements.

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