What is Load Testing?

Comrent is providing solutions for mission-critical power testing infrastructure.

Load testing validates the operational performance of electrical and mechanical systems, including generators, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) equipment, power distribution units (PDUs), battery backups and cooling systems. These systems are critical to ensuring business continuity during power outages.

Using load bank solutions, load testing is conducted during commissioning of a facility and/or equipment. It is also performed as part of a comprehensive preventative maintenance program. Proper load testing allows for replacement of any equipment not performing to specifications.

Load banks come in a wide range of sizes and configurations. They can be either AC to test a variety of systems or DC to test batteries, other DC sources and DC power distribution. AC Load banks can be pure resistive load, but they can also be reactive to simulate inductance or capacitance in a load profile.

The most common solution is a resistive load bank, meaning it mimics the operational load that a power source will see in actual use. Resistive load banks convert electrical energy to heat using power resistors and then dissipate the heat using air or water.

In many industrial facilities, the more effective load bank solution is reactive. Reactive solutions simulate systems affected by electric motors or other electromagnetic devices on a power network. Comrent offers a full product line of resistive/reactive load bank solutions.

With over 19 years of experience, Comrent offers not only the largest load bank fleet but a team of engineers and technicians to ensure projects are successfully commissioned and operate as expected. Our experts are ready to help ensure your system is successfully interconnected.

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