Using Power Grid Solutions in Solar and Wind Applications

Comrent is providing solutions for mission-critical power testing infrastructure.

How do you commission solar PV installations and wind farms when no power is available? In these situations, you must rely on power grid solutions to emulate the power grid. Emulating the power grid requires a combination of industrial generators and customized load banks. In the absence of grid power, grid emulation allows you to validate critical systems, even in remote locations.

Why Use Power Grid Solutions?

Solar PV plants and wind farms require multi-million dollar investments. Therefore, you must be careful to minimize risk, especially during initial commissioning. Issues with design, installation and/or system components can lead to project delays, damaged equipment, safety incidents, productivity losses and lost revenue. Using power grid solutions to test before grid interconnection helps prevent these things from happening.

Not having to rely on grid availability means you’ll have more control over commissioning. You also won’t have to worry about grid outages during testing. Load bank solutions for solar and wind applications provide a constant and controllable load. Utilizing inductive or reactive load banks during testing will closely model electrical conditions seen under normal operating conditions.

Emulating the grid with power grid solutions saves valuable time. Given the large-scale investments made in solar and wind energy, operators of these installations want to get up and running as quickly as possible. They’re not turning a profit unless they’re producing energy. Testing uncovers issues that can be rectified before utility interconnection.

Using power grid solutions to simulate grid interconnection helps you avoid surprises. These solutions create significant value by proactively identifying issues early, allowing you to resolve them quickly and begin producing clean, renewable energy.

To learn more about grid emulation, download Comrent’s solution overview.

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