Trends in Resistive Load Bank Design

Comrent is providing solutions for mission-critical power testing infrastructure.

Experienced load bank rental providers offer complete solutions to address your commissioning and preventative maintenance requirements. With an extensive inventory of load bank rental solutions and specific industry expertise, they can provide an end-to-end solution. They also keep pace with the latest innovations in resistive load bank design.Load bank devices continue to evolve to provide greater testing efficiencies. The best solutions incorporate state-of-the-art load bank design features and manufacturing techniques. Some significant trends in resistive load bank design include:

  • Portability –Load banks must be delivered quickly and easily to their testing locations. So, load bank manufacturers focus increasingly on developing units with ease of transport in mind. For example, you can hand-carry the smallest load banks. Others have wheels so you can push and pull them wherever you need them.

You can deliver larger units mounted on trailers and move them from site to site as needed. These units can be towed with a regular pick-up truck or placed on a flatbed.

  • Compact Footprints –Load banks need to fit easily in space-limited areas. For many applications, you need a low-profile unit that can easily fit through entryways. When a load bank requires less space, you can more efficiently conduct your load testing. Some manufacturers design newer model load banks in an upright construction to minimize the footprint. To meet a variety of requirements, manufacturers design load bank units for use independently or as a modular building block for larger systems.
  • Dependable Construction – The latest resistive load bank designs incorporate a heavy gauge steel structure to provide a rigid enclosure. In some models, removable panels with rubber gaskets protect contactors from the weather. Screened air inlet and louvered exhaust openings also shield the load bank from the elements, as well as foreign objects. Horizontal airflow provides maximum protection and reliability in indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Efficient Cooling –Resistive load bank designs involve carefully engineering and manufacturing resistive elements, so they operate at a fraction of their maximum temperature rating. These load banks air cool resistive elements using dual self-contained blowers in various horsepower configurations. This advanced design ensures more stable loading, extends element operating life, and eliminates the need for a “cool-down” period after each loading session.

The latest models also integrate safety circuits. If the airflow is not sufficient to produce proper cooling, a differential pressure air switch electrically interlocks to remove the load. An efficient design includes over temperature protection and branch circuit fusing as well. Design goals of today’s manufacturers include controlling the direction of heat away from critical infrastructure or to the desired location.

  • Control Voltage Adaptability –The latest resistive load bank designs operate in a broad voltage range and maintain internal power for fans and control circuits. By eliminating the need for external power, these innovated load banks save time on installation and costs for additional cable and generators.
  • Remote System Capabilities –Current design trends offer remote capabilities that save time and lower labor requirements/ This feature lets you control and monitor dozens of load banks from a single remote. The operator can activate fans and control loads equally on all units within the network.
  • Unique Applications –Water-cooled units use water to cool resistive load elements instead of air. If noise becomes an issue, water-cooled units operate more quietly.

Comrent offers unmatched innovation in resistive load bank design. Our comprehensive load bank and service solution helps you interconnect systems faster, maintain your schedule, stay within budget, and reduce risk. We offer global locations, a 3,210-unit fleet, and over 150 miles of cable for faster delivery of load bank rentals. You can rely on Comrent’s exceptional service and industry knowledge to do testing right the first time.Contact us today for a complimentary consultation to review your project.

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