Transactive Energy Ops Not Ready for Peak Load

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Throughout the past two decades, federal and state demands for a more reliable and economically responsive electrical grid have grown considerably. Since that time, several solutions to this demand have been created, including transactive energy (TE), the combination of economic and control techniques intended to improve grid reliability and efficiency.

According to sources from Intelligent Utility, TE is supposed to take the concept of distributed energy resources (DER) to the next level, and if all goes according to plan, it could supplant the current power transmission model by the year 2020.

An anecdotal survey of experts in the energy market on the prospects for TE reveal that while the concept has helped focus attention on the need to upgrade the power transmission grid, TE is far from being ready for implementation on an operational basis.While different solutions are in the process of being created to solve the issue of electric grid reliability and cost-effectiveness, many still question when TE and those other solutions will be ready to go live.

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