Top 5 Reasons Why Environment Sensors are in All Modern Data Centers

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Your data center is a well-oiled, ever-evolving piece of infrastructure processing massive amounts of user information, applications and complex workloads.You work diligently to keep this machine running optimally with maintenance, powerful software tools, and knowledgeable engineers. However, as more users connect and demand resources, your business model must evolve.As businesses create more demand in the digital world, it’ll be up to your environment to keep pace. In order to help you make sure you always have the right tools in place to control environmental variables and the overall health of your data center, Data Center Knowledge reveals the top five reasons why environment sensors are in all modern data centers.Some of those reasons are:

  • Sensors can help prevent overcooling, undercooling, electrostatic discharge, corrosion and short circuits
  • Sensors help organizations to reduce operational costs, defer capital expenditures, improve uptime, and increase capacity for future growth

Read the full article or view our importance of testing infographic to gain actionable insights into ensuring your data center is running optimally.

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