Top 2015 Data Center Trends & Predictions

Comrent is providing solutions for mission-critical power testing infrastructure.

At Comrent, we design a number of load bank solutions specifically designed for data center commissioning. In the world that’s so dictated by technology and information, it’s critical that your data center stays up and running, while keeping the storage, management, and dissemination of important data and information in mind for your clients and their customers.

New data centers are popping up throughout the world every single day, with companies such as San Francisco-based Cloudflare that plan on opening a new data center each week in 2015, and companies and fan-favorites like Facebook who are expanding their data center presence internationally. As technology grows and changes, the data center as we know it will be sure to change, as well.

So, what changes are in store for the data center in 2015?Last month, Upsite Technologies did some research, not only to find what predictions and trends are most commonly discussed, but to specifically pinpoint which data center trends are having and going to continue to have an impact.

In the article, they explain how technologies, such as the handheld digital device or cell phone, have completely disrupted the telecommunications industry, but have had minimal impact on the overall physical facilities infrastructure.

“But a data center designed, built and commissioned yesterday using traditional, tried/true/trusted power and cooling models from tried/true/trusted partners will only very rarely be changed or upgraded in any significant way for years into the future,” the article explains.

It continues, “However, the people responsible for long-range capital planning may use the occasion of an “end-of-life” enterprise owned/operated data center to explore moving to new co-location facilities, managed services and cloud facilities in order to take advantage of gaining new technology.”

As a result, the immense growth of data and digital devices will drive profound global growth in data centers.

Here are just some of the current trends and future predictions either behind or resulting from this growth in data we will see in the coming year:

Digitizing everything creates new business opportunities for managing the flow of data, creating new revenue sources, operating system controls, and extending…..

  • The Rise of the Converged “Digital Enterprise”

The Digital Enterprise means the transformation of business from one where computing and networking technology is the extension of the human….As well as…

  • Smaller owner-enterprise data centers to larger commercial data centers
  • Cloud – public and private
  • Density per rack is slowly increasing but not at astronomical rates
  • Liquid & Free Cooling
  • Computing/Mobility
  • …and more

Read the full list of top data center trends and predictions for 2015.

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