The Value of Load Bank Testing vs. Using Grid Load

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Load bank testing the interconnection of a distributed resource for all customers and industries is often more effective than using load straight from the grid. Commissioning can be made faster, cheaper, and more predictable with load bank testing.

Here are the advantages of load bank testing:

1. Load bank testing creates a more realistic scenario, following real steps to be taken in case of an outage. Using load banks greatly minimizes the financial and operational risks of outages caused by voltage, current sensors, and relays not functioning to specification.

2. Reactive power and test situations are simulated more accurately because a full range of the true, operational environment is replicated.

3. There is no need to wait for interconnection, which means shorter lead-time planning, faster execution, and fewer labor hours.

4. There is more control and no need for approval from an electric utility before testing. This helps improve adequacy with no use for fluctuating load.

5. Time is saved in substation commissioning because your partner has the expertise and testing equipment necessary, which reduces risk in back feed or making changes to the transformer to simulate a load.

6. Load bank testing eliminates the need to use grid load to test transformers, switches, substations, or any equipment that is critical to distributed power generation. A higher level of service is provided to ensure the right equipment is on hand.

7. The sustained load provided by load banks enables the complete testing and data capture at target loads quickly.

The best practices for load bank testing include medium voltage load banks in inventory, years of proven experience with utility customers, a turnkey project team for pre-test recommendations and onsite assistance, nationwide inventory and service to endure fast, affordable delivery, and 24/7 support from project start to finish. All of these best practices are carried out by Comrent.

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