The Key to a Smart Electrical Grid

Comrent is providing solutions for mission-critical power testing infrastructure.

Today's vision of a smart grid consists of an efficient, reliable, self-healing electricity distribution grid. In order to work successfully, this grid must accommodate distributed resources while still generating the required amount of energy needed by equipment and functioning efficiently at all times.

Many complex systems simply can't afford to have system faults and failures. As a result, the smart grid must automatically detect when system faults are present and quickly isolate them for fast repair. In order to do this, data-acquisition systems play an important role.

To keep electricity flowing, utilities worldwide are deploying smart grid devices that provide accurate, time-aligned information about loads which change constantly.

To accurately collect electric-power data, voltage and current measurements must be gathered at the same time for all power lines because utilities need to know the timing among phases and ensure maximum efficiency and uptime.

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