The Growth and Expansion of Data Centers

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Data centers, arguably some of the most important buildings in the world, are growing and developing very quickly. Here are some interesting facts and statistics about the growth of data centers.

1. Extending the edge of the Internet is becoming more apparent. Caching 80% of the Internet for the majority of broadband subscribers in an area constitutes extending the edge of the Internet. Edge data centers are coming to St. Louis, Orlando, Milwaukee, and other cities.

2. EdgeConneX will have 30 data centers by the end of the year, displaying successful growth in the last three years. vXchnge expanded its footprint to 15 cities. It also experienced high success with Psy’s “Gangnam Style” views, which incurred transport fees for the ISP.

3. Hyperscale data centers are growing. A In China and SuperNap are expanding locations with additional data centers.

4. Hyperactive hyperscalars are also growing. Amazon, for example, manages nearly 2 million global servers, which are divided into 28 larger sets of data centers and 11 cloud regions.

5. Politicians and governors offer incentives to bring in data centers to their areas. In total, 49 states offer $1.5 billion in tax breaks for data centers.

6. There are even more incentives. For example, “In Minnesota, data centers that sport 25,000 square feet and cost $30 million can obtain a 20-year sales tax exemption on equipment and energy and a permanent property tax exemption on equipment,” according to SanDisk.

7. Experts predict that data center construction will grow 21% each year through 2018.

8. Computing assets are becoming outdated. Experts estimate that 30% of servers in the U.S. were comatose: not performing valuable computing work or delivering data in the past six months, according to SanDisk. Moving common productivity apps to the cloud could cut energy that is now used for those apps by 87%.

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