The Best and Worst Times for U.S. Wind Power

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According to the New Wind Technologies Market Report, last year represented the best and the worst of times for U.S. wind power.

One of the better situations derived from last year includes a record-breaking share of the nation’s electricity supplied by wind power. At 4.5%, this is an impressive milestone and numbers continue to improve. The price of wind power bought under long-term contracts is now at an all-time low, the potential for new wind turbines to produce more power than ever is at a high, and the demand for wind power led to an increase in American manufacturing jobs. Technology has also improved. New financial vehicles are helping to finance more wind power projects and more transmission infrastructure came online in 2013. Furthermore, more than a dozen proposed offshore wind projects are advancing.

Unfortunately, there are also some negative aspects. Wind power jobs dropped, there was a drop in wind power installation, and the Unites States dropped to 6th in new installed capacity in the world.

Despite these setbacks, with new policies in place, there is hope for continued success in the wind industry.

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