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Our Regional Director, Cory Fones, along with a panel of experts, discusses the role of load banks in assessing system readiness, in the most recent issue of Today’s Facility Manager.

He revealed how new engine regulations are forcing generators today, to require a specific base load to operate efficiently enough to meet the emission standards. He said, “Low and inconsistent base loads can create operational issues which could result in expensive repairs and sub-par reliability to the end user.”

Fones explained, “One effect of having inefficient load is that it does not allow it to reach operating temperatures for the catalyst to burn and emissions standards are not met. In addition, the operational issues can range from clogged EGR valves to turbo issues to extensive wet stacking.”

He described how there are load banks designed with key features to run in parallel with the generators and address these concerns in specific environments by providing the necessary base load to help prevent these issues from occurring and to ensure the Tier IV generators are meeting the emissions standards.

Fones continues, “A reactive or inductive load bank test is most often seen at the factory or on-site during new installation startups. However, some facilities with larger motor loads would warrant testing power systems with reactive load to ensure it will handle real-life like loads.

When resistive load is applied with inductive load you can achieve a .8pf. This will allow you to simulate a real-life commercial load that can consist of lights, heaters, motors, pumps, etc. that would create a reactive load. Using a reactive load bank is how you will achieve a full load test to the nameplate rating on a generator. This can be provided as a separate reactive load bank in parallel with the resistive load bank or offered as one resistive/reactive combination load bank.”

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