Tesla Competitor Sonnenbatterie Unveils Community Solar-Storage System

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German battery maker Sonnenbatterie introduced a very competitive community storage system that will render conventional electricity suppliers obsolete.

The system will combine photovoltaic panels, batteries and a digitally controlled software platform that will allow households to buy and sell electricity within a community. All energy producers and users in a region are connected by sonnenCommunity and are able to provide one another with renewable energy. Not only does the system store electricity, but it also allows users to sell electricity to other members of the community.

A Sonnen 2-kWh battery and control system averages to be below the 3,035 euro ($3,234) price of a 7-kWh Tesla Powerwall battery in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The company has also agreed to afford homeowners a quarter of a euro cent ($0.0027) bonus on the feed-in tariff for residential solar, as part of a German renewable energy commercialization incentive.

Sonnenbatterie plans to utilize the spare storage capacity across its user base to generate income by providing balancing power for the German grid, which would help pay for the discount. As part of the expansion of the business model, Sonnenbatterie GmbH will be renamed sonnen GmbH.

There is no word yet on if or when the company will debut the community solar-storage and offer it in the United States, but Greentech Media reports executives want to roll out the model in its other active markets such as Australia, Italy, Switzerland and the U.K. "as soon as possible."

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