Solar competition: Google vs. MIT

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Mapdwell, a technology created by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), has launched Solar System San Francisco: a solar mapping system that provides detailed and accurate information to more than 800,000 businesses and homeowners to help them visualize their opportunities for solar power, according to an article from Fierce Energy.

“This solar mapping system provides the community with a model for crowdsourcing the clean energy economy and creating value through distributed generation,” the article explains. It continues, “The technology reveals 3 GW of high-yield photovoltaic potential that could deliver almost 4 million MWh per year.”

According to Eduardo Berlin, CEO of Mapdwell, "San Francisco's 160,000 roofs can power 380,000 American homes with energy from the sun, making San Francisco our brightest project so far […] This is an $11 billion opportunity for California's clean energy industry, which could offset carbon emissions equivalent to planting 65 million trees."

This MIT technology combines Google Maps, solar power data and smart algorithms to calculate the costs and benefits of installing solar panels. This will offer a detailed cost/benefit analysis that includes comprehensive financial, technical and environmental metrics.


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