Social media becoming important customer service tool for utilities

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In the Utilities and Power industry, managing the nation's grid is a primary concern, but as the world of energy becomes more diversified, social media is becoming an important tool for your business when ensuring customer satisfaction, understanding trends, and more.

A new report by Talkwalker, "Utilities & Social Listening: 5 Ways To Power Your Business Strategy," studied the top five ways utilities can use social media to help their business. Some of the key points the report examined were the need for understanding trends, online conversations, and public sentiment about your utilities brand, which can have significant business implications if customers are dissatisfied.

Listening to both positive and negative customer feedback, as well as responding in a timely manner, has been shown to help the overall perception of companies, and utilities are no different.

The report also cites the example of Duke Energy's coal ash spill in 2014 as an example of how a company can handle a crisis on social media.

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