Simplifying Commissioning with Power Monitoring Equipment

Comrent is providing solutions for mission-critical power testing infrastructure.

Do you struggle to monitor power quality, temperature and humidity during facility or equipment commissioning? Do you have to resort to using different pieces of power monitoring equipment to complete your project?Monitoring electrical loads can be a challenging task during facility and equipment commissioning. But you need to do it. By monitoring power, you can measure critical load characteristics over a specified period.

You can use electrical testing solutions to perform load monitoring in a variety of situations, including when you need to:Confirm System Capacity -- A third-party, such as an electrical inspector or building official, mandates load monitoring before adding an electrical load to an existing panel.

Verify Accuracy of Utility Metering -- A facility manager suspects the utility is over-charging for power usage.

Solve Operational Problems -- A concern arises regarding operational issues related to the electrical system, such as overloads, load imbalances, harmonic problems and poor power factors.

How Do You Conduct Load Monitoring?

Typically, when you monitor loads, you connect power monitoring equipment at the main supply switchgear or other location where load data is needed. The power monitoring equipment measures current and voltage. The duration of the recording period depends on the type of information you want to capture. You will need to record enough data to address questions and fulfill the purpose of your monitoring project.

The power monitoring equipment generates a report that will usually include:

  • Customer information
  • Service provider information
  • Scope of work description
  • Procedures followed
  • Locations and equipment monitored
  • Work performance dates
  • Work staff performing monitoring tasks
  • kW, KVAR, current and voltage, and harmonic distortion
  • Minimum, maximum and average values for measured quantities
  • Circuits or equipment loaded at or above 80% of rating
  • Conclusions and recommendations regarding the project objectives

What to Look for in Power Monitoring Equipment

To simplify your facility or equipment commissioning project, you should focus on electrical testing solutions that deliver the following capabilities:

  • Integrates different functions into a single solution.
  • Gathers voltage, current, temperature and humidity data for dozens of locations.
  • Adopts the latest industry standards for power monitoring.
  • Comes time-synched from the factory as well as the field.
  • Uses traditional and wireless connectivity – you should be able to choose Wi-Fi, Ethernet or a USB interface for the fastest download speeds.
  • Provides an intuitive learning experience.
  • Generates almost all reports automatically.
  • Uses open protocol software to ensure compatibility with every laptop operating system.
  • Allows users maximum flexibility to set adjustable triggers for alarms and events, transferring data and developing data sets.

Comrent developed a power quality monitoring system to help you save time and access reliable data. The Cx Monitor measures and reports critical parameters during power systems testing. It combines the functions of three devices in a single, easy-to-use power quality monitor. By automatically generating reports on power quality, temperature, and humidity, the Cx Monitor helps you complete your facility or equipment commissioning project more efficiently.

Comrent’s team of load bank experts is ready to help ensure your load testing goes off without a hitch. We are offering a complimentary consultation to review your project and propose the right load bank solution for your requirements. To learn more about using load banks for testing and commissioning mission critical power systems, download our new eBook “7 Reasons to Consider Load Bank Testing,” or Contact us today.

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