Should I Rent a Load Bank or Buy?

Comrent is providing solutions for mission-critical power testing infrastructure.

Whether your business hauls goods on transoceanic shipments or engages in grid-scale renewable energy, load bank testing is becoming an ever-increasing presence in ensuring electric power performance in a diverse range of industries. Today’s future forward businesses rely heavily on the use and maintenance of optimized electrical circuits for proper function.

Devices such as data servers, diesel generators, and maritime switchboards benefit from load bank testing to determine their fitness. To meet rising demand for electrical system testing and maintenance, new advances are making load bank rentals more accessible, compact, and accurate than ever before.

The type of load bank used to verify the performance of your electrical system may vary, depending on the range of tests needed and the applications involved. Some critical questions to ask before selecting a load bank rental include:

  • What loadprofile do you anticipate during system operation?
  • How far is the power source from the simulated load?
  • Is the load resistive, reactive/inductive, or capacitive?
  • How often are power supplies energized and put into temporary operation for system checks?

Selecting the best load bank for the job depends on the type project and load that you have:

At Comrent, we specialize in providing turnkey load bank testing solutions to help customers test, commission, and maintain their critical power generation systems. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind when deciding whether to rent or buy your load bank(s).

  • The rental rate includes full maintenance. Commence testing today and leave the hassle behind. We take care of all parts, maintenance, recordkeeping, and
  • No need for a fix. If your load bank does not function properly, Comrent’s experts will immediately replace any rented equipment.
  • No need for costly storage. Comrent will provide transport of your load banking solution to any job site. No need to find room for these immense machines.
  • An end to your storage woes. Do you need load banks but have no place to store them? Renting offers an alternative that simplifies inventory control.
  • Cost effective. Load bank rentals help to cut down on overhead and allows you to focus capital throughout your business.
  • The latest equipment. Never get stuck using last year’s hardware. When you rent a load bank, you can select from the latest technology available in the marketplace.
  • No added taxes, liability. Purchasing load banks can raise your tax burden and increase your financial liability. Free yourself from these added costs when you decide to rent your next load bank.
  • Accurate cost control. There are no hidden costs in the load bank rental process. Our experts can tell you exactly what to expect at any given price point.
  • The right equipment for the job. If your company owns its load banks, you may find yourself needing grid emulation from a resistive load bank, when you are only equipped with an inductive load bank. Renting ensures you are never stuck with the wrong equipment.
  • Optimized inventory. Comrent’s inventory of the latest load bank technology is optimized for today’s marketplace. You will get the exact equipment your business needs when you set up a complimentary consultation.
  • Ease of use. Nothing could be easier than making a phone call and having the experts take care of your load bank testing.

The decision of whether to rent or purchase load bank(s) for your electrical testing needs depends mostly upon three factors: convenience, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Comrent is a world leader in load bank rental services, and we recommend you consider renting for your next electrical system testingWhether you are in the process of selecting a load bank for testing, commissioning, or regular maintenance of your electrical system, Comrent’s load bank experts can guide your team through a comprehensive assessment of your load banking needs.

Contact us today to learn more or find a load bank solution that is right for you.

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