Resistive Load Bank or Reactive Load Bank: What Should I Use for Data Center Testing?

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When it comes to data center testing, load banks are the only way to test your facility at a full load. Proper load testing will run the generator engines at maximum capacity to mimic the experience of a full heating and cool down cycle. To achieve an accurate representation of what your data center will experience on a daily basis, you must use the right load bank testing solutions. Both resistive and reactive load banks should play a role in your testing strategy.

Resistive Load Bank

A resistive load bank impacts all aspects of your facility's power generating system by mimicking a real-life operational load that a power source would produce. To confirm the operation of an electrical system, a resistive load bank will create a load by converting the current into electrical energy. That energy is then dissipated by air, water, forced means, or convection.In your data center, a resistive load bank would be used to confirm the operation and efficiency of critical components including the UPS systems’ batteries and DC generators. Resistive load banks are unable to test the entire system adequately as they do not draw enough of a load to test the performance of the full power system.

Reactive Load Banks

A reactive load bank simulates systems affected by electric motors by mimicking motor loads or other electromagnetic devices. In your data center, a reactive load bank would test your backup systems, any motor driven devices, transformers, and capacitors.

Find the Best Solution

While both resistive and reactive load banks play an important role, neither on their own can provide a comprehensive test your data center. Instead, to adequately test your entire facility, utilize a resistive/reactive load bank solution.

Resistive/Reactive Load Bank

A resistive/reactive load bank solution, offers the benefits of both a resistive and reactive load bank. This complete package allows your load tests to mimic loads and electromagnetic devices in a power system, as well as all of the equipment in your facility. This useful load bank provides a one size fits all solution for you data center's generators, UPS systems, and switchgears. Additionally, the use of a large capacity resistive/reactive load bank can allow testing of multiple units simultaneously, thus reducing the time required to perform and document mandatory testing. Resistive/reactive load banks allow the paralleling controls to be exercised under realistic conditions.

Comrent Advantage

Comrent’s team of experts are worldwide leaders in load bank solutions and will build a customized data center testing strategy to fit your needs. With the largest inventory of load banks nationwide and 24-hour delivery, you will have access to exact load testing solution you need, when you need it. When you partner with Comrent you can expect to test faster, open right, and profit sooner.

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