Renewables Comprise 78% of Germany’s Power Consumption

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Reports revealed on July 25th, 2015 that renewables currently make up about 78% of Germany’s consumption of power. Until the 25th, the record was previously set at 74%.

The combination of strong winds from the north, where most of Germany’s turbines are located, as well as the strong sun in the south where most of Germany’s solar farms are located, are all factored into the increase in consumption of power.

Although the figures are not confirmed yet, it is likely that solar and wind power have produced about 40.65 gigawatts of power in Germany. With the inclusion of biomass as well as hydropower, generation reached 47.9 gigawatts.

Although this increase showcases Germany as a renewable-energy-powered country, they still have a ways to go. Coal still makes up 40% of Germany’s energy mix.

They are moving in the right direction, though. Germany would like to increase their renewable generation to 60% by 2035.

Roric McCorristin, program director for the Transatlantic Energy and Climate Network at the Heinrich Böll Foundation North America, stated, “These record-breaking days show that Germany has the infrastructure and capacity in place [to handle large amounts of renewables], and to work toward making these outliers more feasible and happen on a regular basis. The energy transition is a long-term project, but we see these record-breaking days as signs that it’s working.”


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