CR Remotes Make Complex Data Center Testing Easier and Faster

Comrent is providing solutions for mission-critical power testing infrastructure.

Traditional load testing for data centers can be quite time consuming as each critical system must be tested independently. In an effort to help data center owners and managers spend less time testing and more time making money, Comrent has developed advanced remote technology.With a CR remote, you can expedite the daily setup and testing, while reducing personnel required to conduct the test. This optimized process allows you to assess every critical component of your data center at once, saving time and money.

When Can You Use a CR Remote for Data Center Testing?

There are four main instances when load bank testing is vital for data centers. Those include: commissioning, maintenance, expansion, and when parts are replaced. In each of these scenarios, multiple components need to be tested to ensure the facility will run efficiently. A CR remote makes data center testing more efficient by allowing multiple test to be completed at once.

How Is a CR Remote Different than Traditional Load Testing?

As a complex network, data centers rely on a strong infrastructure. Every critical power system needs to be tested as an individual component and within the system as a whole. Selecting a load bank provider that has the ability to test these elements in tandem means never having to wait for testing or delay opening.Comrent created advanced remote technology to reduce time and labor costs associated with load testing when using multiple load banks.

Operating a CR Remote

A single CR remote has the power to control and monitor up to 250 load banks while producing results and data in real-time. The remote operates as a universally-integrated platform: it connects across all load bank functions, controls, and operations – allowing you to remotely operate all load banks from a centralized platform. You can add or remove load banks easily and customized the “name” of each load bank to make data center testing simple. The remote also enables operators to perform tasks like activating fans, controlling loads, and reviewing results. By centralizing the operation process, the same tests can be completed more quickly and with fewer technicians

With an intuitive user interface, this customizable touch screen device produces fast connectivity to achieve efficient load changes and reliable testing. Operators of all technical levels can effortlessly operate CR remotes with basic training.

Data center clients often opt to add a CR remote so they can obtain a better understanding of the parts functioning together in their system and save time associated with testing each individual part separately.

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