Reduce Your Margin of Error During A Commissioning Test

Comrent is providing solutions for mission-critical power testing infrastructure.

The purpose of a commissioning test is to ensure your facility will work efficiently and effectively, proving it has the capacity to generate the proper amount of energy. To do this, you must fully energize your system to demonstrate its functionality and identify any problems.

When determining the best load test service for your new facility, you have the option to use the power grid or load banks.

The Power Grid

Construction of the power grid began in the 1870s and it was designed to quickly increase power creation to match the ever-changing electricity needs of consumers. Since large amounts of power cannot be stored, power must be generated as it is used. This results in the power grid being in a continuous state of fluctuation.

Power grid fluctuations make it impossible to provide precise, accurate, and repeatable testing parameters when load testing your facility. Without the ability to control testing parameters, your commissioning test will have an increased margin of error and could produce inaccurate results.

Load Banks

With a load bank, critical power parameters such as voltage, current, and load can be controlled and repeated. By setting the exact parameter when load testing, you can mimic real-life testing scenarios to accurately energize your system, demonstrating proper performance levels and uncovering potential problems.

When you have complete control over a load test, you can reduce the margin of error, allowing for fast and accurate testing. Using a load bank rather than the grid, improves system reliability to ensure your customers and facility have consistent power.

The Comrent Advantage

As a true load test service provider, we can ensure your commissioning test produces accurate results. We pair our technical expertise with the largest inventory of load banks to solve your load testing and commissioning challenges on time and on budget.

Every load testing project comes with an expert technician to manage your entire load test from setup to tear down, ensuring every test is completed correctly. From reliable equipment to fully accessible load bank experts, we are a turnkey provider to help you accurately load test your facility.If you are in need of an accurate and controllable commissioning test, our load bank experts are ready to make it happen. Contact Comrent today for a complimentary consultation.

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