Racing for Memory

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For years, the data storage landscape has been rapidly evolving to meet the ever growing needs of clients. Equipment manufacturers are being pushed to devote their resources to development but servers of the future will need fast, non-volatile memory to occupy the position between NAND and DRAM. With this in mind, here are four of the most promising non-volatile memory technologies, two of which could be released as soon as next year. 

Phase Change Memory (PCM) is one of the new technologies we will be expecting to see in 2016. PCM chips last much longer than flash, between 10 and 100 million write cycles. They are also resistant to radiation which is unsuitable for space and military needs.

While similar to PCM, ReRam consumes less energy than competitors and produces less heat, which means it’s easier to build larger-capacity storage devices. Viking Technologies is heading the development of these memory cells and are expected to be released in 2017. 

Next on the list of new technologies, is 3D Xpoint and is one of the newest alternative storage solutions. Even though no release date has been announced, the company is claiming it has invented a completely new type of memory, which is causing a lot of speculation about the product.

Finally, Racetrack memory writes magnetic information onto nanoscale wires made out of a special alloy, each storing hundreds of bits but is still in the research phase.  

The next generation of storage devices is on the horizon and with a number of opposing technologies, the data storage world is in for an interesting couple of years

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