Data Center Commissioning: 11 Questions to Ask Before Renting a Load Bank

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Load bank testing is the most effective way to ensure your data center functions properly from onset and throughout the life of the facility. When searching for a load bank expert, it can be difficult to understand the differences between providers and what requirements are needed for a specific data center. We have provided a list of questions you should ask to ensure you select the right load bank provider for your data center commissioning project.

Accessible & Reliable Equipment

Data centers are complex networks that rely on a strong infrastructure. Every critical power system needs to be tested as an individual component and within the system as a whole. Selecting a load bank provider that has the required equipment available to meet those needs means never having to wait for testing or delay opening.

Questions to ask a load bank provider to gauge the accessibility and reliability of their equipment:

  1. How large is your inventory and what type of load banks do you have in stock?
  2. What is your typical delivery timeline?
  3. Do you have the proper equipment to test multiple components at once to ensure the entire system is operating correctly?
  4. What safeguards do you use to make sure your equipment is reliable to use after transportation?
  5. What step do you take if a product is damaged during delivery?

Full-Service Solutions

A thorough data center commissioning load test will include testing of the generators, paralleling switchgears, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) equipment, batteries, cooling systems, and Power Distribution Units (PDUs). A full-service load bank provider will serve as an industry expert and consultant. The right provider understands the data center market, builds a customized testing plan, and manages each test, reducing labor requirements and lowering associated costs.

Questions to ask a load bank provider to gauge their full-service offerings:

  1. What is your experience load testing data centers?
  2. How will you ensure all of the testing specifications of my data center commissioning RFP are met?
  3. If my team is not familiar with testing via load bank, what training do you offer?
  4. What safety precautions do you take to ensure all on-site personnel is safe?

Comprehensive Load Testing

A data center is made up of multiple critical components. An experienced load bank provider will deliver solutions of varying voltages and capabilities for variable testing. Partner with a load bank expert to ensure thorough testing.

Questions to ask a load bank provider to gauge their testing capacity:

  1. Will you build a customized testing plan for my data center commissioning project?
  2. Do you test the bus track, RPP, UPS, generator, rack mounts, and substations for peak performance?

Partnering with the right load bank provider offers a faster, less expensive, safer, and more reliable load testing solution for project commissioning and preventive maintenance. Comrent is a worldwide leader in load bank solutions, specializing in data center commissioning. Contact us today to get a complimentary consultation.

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