Leverage Load Banks During Data Center Testing To Prevent Cyberattacks

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The COVID-19 virus has been a system shock for companies and communities around the globe, shaking entire industries to their core and disrupting all traditional business models. Many companies with weak digital infrastructures have not been able to weather the storm, while large players with ample digital resources have had to quickly reorganize and deploy emergency measures in order to adjust to the new normal. This has led to an explosive rise in virtual workspaces and teleconferencing unlike anything we have seen before, one that some experts are predicting could permanently alter the way office space and remote working capabilities are utilized in the future. Unfortunately, it has also led to a rise in cybercrime. The unprecedented strain on today’s digital infrastructure to remain functional and resilient against overuse and data loads has produced a window of opportunity for cyber criminals to exploit for personal gain. Cyberattacks in the form of phishing emails disguised as corporate communication and hacking of private, insecure machines have all increased in frequency as companies transition to remote and cloud-based workflows. According to a report from Verizon, cyber-attacks on web applications have more than doubled from last year over the same time period. Check Point Software (CPS), a U.S. cybersecurity firm, recently released a survey in which 71% of security professionals reported an increase in security threats or attacks since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. With sensitive financial and operational data being transmitted in unprecedented volumes, it only takes one breach for a company to be dealt a crippling blow. That’s why it’s more important than ever to ensure your data center is capable of meeting the increased demand and is protected from the threat of cyberattacks.  Secure Your System Against CyberattacksSuccessful protection against cyberattacks is accomplished through proactive preparation. There are a variety of steps owners and operators can take to ensure their facilities are properly functioning and secure against potential cybercriminals.

1. Ensuring Safety With Data Center Testing

Having a secure, properly functioning facility and backup system is the first step to ensure your company is protected against cyberattacks. Load testing your data center is the only way to gain complete confidence in both facility and equipment functionality. Leveraging load banks during a data center test is the most effective and reliable way to fully energize the system to provide an accurate representation of how the facility will operate at full power and ensure backup systems will function properly in the event of an outage.

2. Secure Different Regions Through Network Segmentation

When securing the network, it’s important to utilize segmentation to decrease risk and add multiple layers of protection. Network segmentation ensures that if hackers manage to infiltrate one level of the network, they are not able to freely access the rest.

3. Monitor All Abnormal Behavior

Hackers deploy an advanced toolkit when they infiltrate a network. It’s important to keep an eye out for a potential malicious payload and any behaviors that stand out from regular traffic in your network. Breached admin accounts, hidden tunnels, and RATs (remote access trojans) are all signs that could point to a broader attempt at accessing and exploiting your data center.

4. Test Your Backup and Security Procedures Regularly

Test your disaster-recovery plan and back-up system to ensure that the plan works and still allows you to meet your SLAs (Service Level Agreements). Ensure the back-up system mirrors the first at all times if possible.

5. Undergo Risk Assessment

The best method to understand what elements of your data center are vulnerable is to conduct data center testing. Trusted third-party firms can provide help by attempting to infiltrate your network and identifying key points of access and security liabilities. Comrent is dedicated to helping you protect your organization’s vital data and infrastructure from potential cybercrime. In these uncertain times, it’s more vital than ever to have the utmost confidence in your network facilities. You can find our latest COVID-19 updates here.

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