Power Distribution Just Got Smarter

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Lockheed Martin, an American global aerospace, defense, security and advanced technology company, announced their new smart grid technology that provides highly precise information about where energy is being used across the grid.

As the demand for energy continues to grow throughout the world, many innovators, like Lockheed, are focusing on new energy sources that harness the power of technology alongside natural resources like wind and water.

In an effort to meet growing energy demands, many players are stepping up to the plate to seek out methods of improving energy efficiency through engineering and innovation.

Lockheed Martin and Dominion Resources, Inc. co-developed VirtuGrid, a smart grid location-aware technology system that will enable remote mapping and awareness of the energy grid.

Like our own brain’s neural circuit, VirtuGrid enables mapping of an entire distribution network – from a utility’s plant substation to neighborhoods and homes across the region.

Find out more about how VirtuGrid works here, and read the full story.

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