Microgrid Applications: What You Should Know

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Today’s world depends on an uninterrupted flow of cost-effective electricity. However, many variables, including severe storms, outages, aging infrastructure, and cost pressures can lead to uncertainty in power generation and distribution. Organizations are turning to microgrids to lower risks and improve operational performance. Microgrid applications shift control to local users and help them create energy independence.

A microgrid can come in a variety of designs and sizes. It can power a single facility or a large area like a city or college campus. Basic types include remote, customer-owned, and utility distribution. When it comes to electrical testing solutions for microgrids, load banks prove the ideal solution.

A remote microgrid provides power to communities at great distances from utility networks. Customer-owned microgrids work well at large facilities owned by a single entity, such as a military installation, educational institution, and private sector company. A utility distribution microgrid refers to portions of the national grid that acts as microgrids. In each case, these systems generate, distribute, and regulate power to a local group of end users.

Primary Microgrid ApplicationsTraditionally, microgrids have served remote locations not connected to the central power grid and mission-critical facilities like military installations. However, advancements in technology and increased energy sources have brought microgrids within reach of more business and government organizations. These trends make building and operating a microgrid a more economically feasible solution today and in the future.Microgrids are well-suited to:

  • Organizations Wanting to Lower Energy Costs – When you provide your power, you can use the lowest cost fuel sources available. You also reduce costs by eliminating power outages. You can connect to the national power grid when it makes sense for your operation. But, fall back on your microgrid for power during outages or when it makes better economic sense. You can also curb the cost of power quality issues in the grid by relying on a microgrid tested by load banks.
  • Organizations Requiring Large Amounts of Reliable Energy -- Municipalities, colleges, manufacturing sites, military installations, government operations, and other users increasingly turn to microgrid applications to deliver their significant energy requirements. They also need a resilient power system that can protect their operation or community during an emergency. Microgrids offer a continuous power solution for facilities that cannot tolerate an outage, such as military bases, hospitals, and research laboratories.
  • Organizations Pursuing Sustainability – Microgrids offer an efficient solution for incorporating sustainable energy into your operation. Weather conditions and time of day can cause availability and quality issues when renewable energy is used alone. However, microgrids can strategically integrate renewable with non-renewable sources. Their advanced controls can manage the production of renewable energy sources, such as solar photovoltaics and wind turbines, and use them only when it makes sense.

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