Managing in an Age of Modularity

Comrent is providing solutions for mission-critical power testing infrastructure.

Modularity is an often overlooked benefit of standards, especially in enabling breakthroughs in the innovation of technology. It was defined by a Harvard Business Review article entitled, Managing in an Age of Modularity, as “a strategy for organizing complex products and processes efficiently”.

There are many benefits that result from standards leading to modularity. Standards develop the framework from which the design rules emerge. They open up endless possibilities for innovation. Some of these benefits include decoupled systems, lower cost, more complete specifications, intellectual property, and increased rate of innovation.

This is how standards develop the framework from which design rules emerge.

Our Director of Business Development and IEEE Chair, Mark Siira, reveals more in his article.

Modularity is not a problem. Learn more about Comrent’s Solutions specifically designed for data center commissioning.

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