Load Testing Solar PV Power Plants

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The power plant commissioning process for solar photovoltaic (PV) power plants is one of the most crucial stages in the development of new solar farms. Load testing for solar farms with load banks allows contractors and subcontractors to test their power plant’s readiness to take on real-world electrical performance.

Following completion of a solar power plant construction, commissioning consists of both observation and testing protocols to ensure that each system and critical component is ready to be energized and connected to the grid. To accomplish much of the testing process, electrical contractors and subcontractors use load banks to emulate the grid and offset the capacitance from the long cables from the inverters to the substation.

Careful observation during power plant commissioning of inverters goes together with rigorous load testing of the various protection, monitoring, and tracking systems required by solar PV power plants. Because each system that makes up a solar PV power plant contributes to its proper function, it is important that each area receive thorough attention during the commissioning process. Insulation resistance tests, open and short circuit tests, as well as polarity and earth continuity tests, ensure that a solar farm’s systems and subsystems function properly and safely across applications.

Load banks, of which there are three main kinds, provide benefits both during and after the testing process for solar PV power plants and are rapidly becoming the industry standard among solar farm contractors. These benefits include:

  • Eliminating the grid from testing - Grid emulation allows you to test at your convenience to move the commissioning schedule forward.
  • Accuracy - Load testing ensures solar PV power plants operate to specification.
  • Managing issues before they arise - Proper commissioning of the system reduces risks once the plant is connected to the grid.
  • Maintain Schedule Milestones - Grid emulation enables you to plan and maintain a testing schedule without being dependent on utility or weather to complete the power plant commissioning process.

Comrent’s load bank testing equipment features all the latest technology and meets current testing standards for solar PV power plants. Our team of load bank experts is ready to assist in getting your solar PV power plant build across the finish line.

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