Load Bank Maintenance Helps Reduce Significant Risks

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How sure are you that your operation will continue during a power outage? Will your backup systems function appropriately?

Load bank testing is an essential component of a preventative maintenance program. With proper load bank maintenance, your operation will be well positioned to remain operational should your facility lose power. Testing evaluates the function of your backup systems and ensures they will perform as required during an emergency.

Why is load bank maintenance necessary?

Backup systems, such as generators, remain idle for long periods of time. When they aren’t used, issues can go unnoticed. Therefore, equipment must be routinely checked and maintained so they can become fully operational during a power outage. In addition, regular maintenance will extend the life of your backup systems.

Why not test your systems with a load from your existing facility? Why use load banks?

When you provide a testing load from your facility, you face several risks. Power could be interrupted to critical operational and communications equipment. As a result, you could lose data, shut down operations or jeopardize the well-being of your staff.

To conduct a meaningful test, equipment must reach a sufficient load and operate under this load for an extended amount of time, usually several hours. This extended testing operation is best handled by load bank systems.

How does load bank testing help maintain generator performance?

Load bank testing especially helps perform generator maintenance. For example, when generators don’t operate consistently under adequate loads, unburned fuel builds up and accumulates in the exhaust system. This build up causes problems with the generators fuel injectors, engine valves and exhaust system that can lead to a fire.

Load bank maintenance confirms the generator’s ability to operate under a full load and provide continuous power without overheating. It also evaluates oil and fuel pressure. These system readings ensure the generator engine is properly lubricated and the correct amount of fuel is being delivered to generate the required power. At a minimum, generator systems should undergo load bank maintenance annually.

How can you be sure your systems will handle the demands of a total power loss?

Load banks test the highest possible load a system might have to maintain during a power failure. By placing artificial loads on a system, load banks test system performance at full power and temperature ratings for sustained periods of time.

Proper load bank maintenance provides significant benefits. In addition to verifying your generator will operate under full loads, you can uncover problems before an emergency situation arises. Early detection helps avoid costly breakdowns and repairs. Load bank maintenance also helps clean out carbon deposits and ensures ongoing operation of generator cooling systems. If you don’t provide load bank maintenance at regular intervals, how will you know your systems will be available during an emergency?

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