Key Reason for Using Load Banks for Generator Testing

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How do you load test your generator sets? Do you conduct your testing at full loads?Load testing generators is a critical step in commissioning a new facility, conducting routine maintenance and complying with regulations. One major reason exists for using generator load bank testing – generator sets rarely operate under full-load conditions after they’re installed on-site. Load banks can provide the necessary load to test complete performance.

The generator manufacturer tests the equipment at the factory to comply with regulatory requirements. There are many other tests that can only be done on site through comprehensive commissioning testing with specialty load banks.   These allow the testing to be done that suits the operators specific requirements and could include reactive load testing and power quality monitoring. This type of testing may be more convenient and limit the likelihood of a major interruption, but it will not test the generators under worst-case scenarios requiring full loads

In addition, some facilities install particulate matter filters on generators. These filters require the generator to operate at specific exhaust temperatures to assist with regeneration. However, the regeneration process can be compromised when the generator operates at lower loads. These lower loads cause a negative chain-reaction: the exhaust system experiences a build-up, the buildup restricts the exhaust gas flow, the restriction produces higher exhaust back pressure, and the increased pressure can lead to poorer generator performance, more frequent maintenance and/or equipment failure.

Load bank testing is an important component of a facility’s commissioning, maintenance and regulatory compliance programs. To ensure optimum performance, each generator must be testing under the manufacturer’s load level specifications and recommendations.

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