Is 2015 the Year of the Energy Efficiency Economic Balancing Act?

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While there are an increasing amount of electric power utilities utilizing and providing energy efficiency programs to companies and consumers alike, the increase is simultaneously having a material impact on energy demand.

However, while consumers are realizing the benefits from scaling back on energy consumption, utilities are not reaping the same reward. Consumers have different needs – such as the desire to save money while also expecting to have a consistent power supply. In order to meet these expectations, utilities still have to build and operate power plants, transmission lines, and smaller poles and wires - all while consumers are using less energy.

Consumer economics aren’t the same as utility economics, making today’s energy environment an economic balancing act. To deal with maintain this balance, Intelligent Utility highlights the following five trends that they believe will have an impact on both consumers’ and utilities’ implementation of energy efficiency measures this year:

  1. Energy efficiency teeters after oil prices fall
  2. Illusion of privacy
  3. Smart city surge
  4. CHP is not too hot to handle
  5. Off the grid, off the table

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